Messages From Parents

Here are some recent comments from parents of our students...

December 2017 - Parent of New Year 7 Pupil

My son joined in Year 7 in September 2017, he has been in love with Grafham from the beginning.

He comes home chatting and full of everything he has done, what he has had for lunch. He talks enthusiastically about the staff and the other pupils, not only his classmates. He is very proud of one pupil in particular.

It has been the best experience yet.

December 2017 - GrandParent of New Year 7 Pupil

On the way home at Christmas, we were chatting about school and my Grandson said:

"If there was a word better than Amazing, then that's what I'd say Grafham is.."

December 2017 - Parent of Year 11 Pupil

My son is happy at this school, which means alot to me as his time at primary school was a very unhappy time. His recent medical issues have been handled amazingly well by the school. They have gone above and beyond in helping him deal with his new medical needs.

Big shout out to Kay also for helping my son with the prep for college life. The teachers know my son and he knows them too, and this has meant he has the best of help at the School.

December 2016 - Parent of New Year 8 Pupil

My son absolutely loves the school and I think he's slowly finding his feet being around other students and adults, which he hasn't really experienced for the last 9 months. 


He's definitely finding the boarding part difficult and I always knew he would, he just wants to be at home with me. But as much as it sometimes breaks my heart, I do believe this is good for him and will help him in growing up, was so proud of him last Friday when he completed the whole week with the help from all of you and in particular Pete and his pupil mentor.

I think the school and the staff are absolutely amazing, I didn't realise there was a place like it! I couldn't have wished for a better school for my son, it just seems it was made for him. 


I truly think that staying at Grafham Grange will give my son the best education and preparation for "real" life he will ever get. 


5th December 2016, Parent of Year 8 Pupil

"Staff are brilliant and the activities like the gym, swimming and trips to Costa are great incentives for working hard. The Headteacher is on the ball and is improving the school massively, the weekly newsletters are great to keep us informed on what happens in school life.

Very happy with Grafham, just hoping to get my son in more, thanks" 

November 2016, Parent of Year 8 Pupil

‘A mother of a new pupil reports that he was into the routine of getting up and going in the taxi within 3 days of starting at GGS.  She says that her son loves it at GGS and looks forward to going into school, even looking forward to returning after the half-term break.  He has not moaned once about school.  He has told his Mum that he feels he is in a ‘good place’ (emotionally) now.  The mother is happy with the communication she receives from school and feels that her son is in the right educational placement now.  She has appreciated the consistency applied during transition/admission and the updates she receives on her son’s progress day’   

13th October 2015, Prospective Parent Governor

"WOW and WOW!!! I'm shocked that's all I can say... What a brilliant atmosphere there was today LOADS calmer. You know I'm the worst critic but at least I'm honest. The dinner hall with normal tables is spot on, no more prison like feel 10/10! 

The boys were so calm I was really expecting it to kick off but what a turn around - a credit to all. 

The fencing off looks great the new playground the foods better and WOW the lake as you drive in beautiful.

All the boys were smiling and that made me quite choked as I drove home as to hear them laughing instead of fighting is fantastic.

I know they all have their moments but my personal praise to ALL staff and boys as I felt quite proud and more so happy leaving my son behind."

6th November 2015, Parent feedback on Music Week

"Just wanted to say am totally choked up hearing my son on the drums. He has always loved music and am shocked at his rhythm!! Proud to bits :) ... Just listening to the short footage my son had on his phone shows how far ALL the boys have come , laughing giggling so nice to hear them happy, made me cry!"