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Food & Diet

We are proud to have achieved a 5 out of 5 food hygiene rating for the last 3 years presented by the Food Standards Agency. Read more about it here.

Connect Catering provide the meals at the school and the catering manager ensures the children maintain a healthy, balanced diet as well as meeting individual dietary needs. We have installed a brand new servery in the dining room, which offers more choice and also caters for boys with a limited diet due to medication.

Please click below for our current menus for this term:

Menu Week 1

Menu Week 2

Menu Week 3

Menu Week 4

Boys discuss in their Group Meetings the meals they would like to be included in the Group menus. This happens every fortnight. Once a menu has been agreed, that has a good balance of healthy food options, boys and staff do a food order via the school kitchen. The Catering Team then order in all the ingredients and the amounts required. 

The meals are prepared and cooked up on Group or in the Food Tech room by the boys, supported by the staff. 

We hope that students will gain the knowledge and skills so to prepare and cook a variety of meals and they have opportunity to try new tastes. They will learn what are healthy or unhealthy meal options and develop their understanding of ingredients and commodities when preparing meals for individuals and larger groups. 

We will be looking to develop this further through introducing Group food budgets. This will support students to develop their life skills with shopping and money management.