Consulting With & Supporting Our Students

We encourage young people to take an active part in making decisions that affect their lives. Consultation with young people is viewed as an essential part of their care and development and takes numerous forms:

  • Key worker sessions
  • Young persons’ meetings
  • Involvement in care planning
  • Statutory case reviews
  • Visits to the school from the Independent Visitor and inspections carried out by Ofsted.

Key Worker Sessions

Offer the young person the opportunity to seek guidance, advice and support on any matter. These sessions are both pre-planned and unplanned and take place weekly. The sessions will be recorded and held on the young person’s file. The wishes of the young person is sought and taken into account in the selection of a Key Worker, or any change in the Key Worker. The Key Worker ensures that a young person understands any decisions and why or how they were made. We will promote young peoples’ rights to access and they will contribute to certain parts of their own records.

Young Persons Meetings

Take place once a fortnight. Their purpose is to encourage and support young people to speak out and listen. Importantly, the meetings also allow young people to express their views and be involved in decisions about living at GGS. Young people are encouraged to express their views about the day-to-day running of the school. They are offered opportunities to make decisions concerning their physical environment, as well as choice of food and leisure activities. Behavioural boundaries are set through discussion within staff and young people’s meetings. All young people’s meetings are attended and supported by staff on duty.

Case Planning and Statutory Case Reviews

Young people are involved in the discussion and formulation of their own Plans and are helped to understand their content and outcomes. Young people are encouraged to attend all internal Care Planning Meetings, Statutory Case Reviews and visits by their Social Worker. Families are consulted and involved in key decisions as appropriate. At GGS we follow a Person Centred Approach, thus allowing the young person to feel a sense of maturity and empowerment throughout these meetings.

Careful consideration is taken to ensure that a students’ anxieties and concerns are addressed as much as possible prior to these meetings, so that the experience proves to be as positive as possible.