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Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHE)

In addition to the standard subjects, we include PSHE aspects embedded in programmes delivered by our external partner, SkillForce, which encompasses:

  • Drug education.
  • Financial education.
  • Sex and relationship education (SRE).
  • Importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle (Health & Wellbeing).

Sex & Relationship Education 

Sex & Relationship Education (SRE) relates to the lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development. It is about the understanding of the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. It is also about the teaching of sex, sexuality, and sexual health. It is not about the promotion of sexual orientation or sexual activity.

The three main elements of SRE are:

  • attitudes and values
  • personal and social skills
  • knowledge and understanding

Effective SRE can make a significant contribution to the development of the personal skills needed by students, if they are to establish and maintain relationships. It also enables young people to make responsible and informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. 

Drug Education 

We provide a drug education programme to students which includes:

  • sharing the schools view on drugs and their use.
  • ensuring consistency regarding the schools response to drug abuse within school and promote good practice in this area keeping within safeguarding boundaries.
  • promoting healthy living and wellbeing.
  • sharing knowledge and information on drugs including both legal and illegal substances including substances, effects and risks.
  • helping students develop the skills required to manage peer pressure, develop decision making skills and make informed choices.
  • sharing knowledge on the social / economical impact of drug use.
  • sharing information on the legal issues relating to drug use.
  • ensuring drug education is delivered within government and good practice guidelines.
  • presenting drug education within a coherent, progressive and holistic programme of PSHE aimed at promoting pupils knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.

Health & Wellbeing of Students 

The health & wellbeing of students is an essential element to the operations of the school. Our aim is to uphold the highest standards of medical care and welfare for all students in line with government recommendations and guidance from appropriate professional bodies. 

The school nurse takes an active role in promoting the Health & Wellbeing of students and the education and information sharing takes place within Physical Education and Tutor sessions.