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Boarding Principles


Please note we are no longer accepting residential pupils.

The pastoral care of all our students at Grafham Grange School is a priority. Boarders receive a high level of care from a committed team of staff in both boarding time and during the school day. We recognise that a residential setting cannot fully replace a child’s home but we try to make the groups as homely and relaxed as possible. It is important that the young people feel cared for and valued and not dictated to but that there are clear rules and expectations of behaviour so to maintain a safe and consistent environment. To this end our rules are kept to a minimum, but living in such close proximity to others means that certain guidelines need to be followed. We take advice from a variety of agencies and parents which forms the basis of our risk assessments, prior to any admission taking place. Risk assessments and Personalised Learning Plans are scrutinised formally once a week by our ‘Multi Disciplinary Intervention Team’. 

The Main Building provides for students from year groups 7 through to 11 and creates an environment of nurture so to recognise developmental need, establish positive routines and build upon successes.

We believe that the 24-hour curriculum at Grafham Grange provides the opportunities for the full development of all individuals in our care.

Across our residential provision there are continuous learning opportunities; this may be through an extensive activities programme run throughout the year, social interactions, communal living, life and independent living skills, homework and curriculum based clubs. We encourage participation with the aim that all our pupils will gain from positive learning experiences and can build better futures for themselves and their families.

The over-riding principle on which we operate is that everyone has the right to live a peaceful and happy life, without fear and anxiety. It is expected that everyone will be treated with respect and common courtesy and that boarders and staff alike will develop an increasing awareness of and tolerance for, people of different views, beliefs or cultures.